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Death By Mediocrity

THEY’RE THERE now in THEIR new home. ITS small town charm makes it seem like IT’S a winner, while other choices of residence were THROWN down from the THRONE of their affection. Yet WHO’S going to guess WHOSE choice this summer may be camping IN TENTS, which might be too INTENSE for some? WHERE such a location might be could WEAR out the faint of heart…
What brings on this direction of thought, one might ask? It has to do with the sad state of English grammar in many a conversation thread, blog, and even the writing of “professional” journalists. Where are the editors? Where are the proofreaders? Additionally, if spellcheck exists, should there not be grammar check, as well as word check of such sophistication that it can discern the subtle and proper uses and correct forms of words?
There’s more at stake with this than meets the eye, more than worrying about someone yelling because he or she cannot seem to figure out how to release the caps lock on his or her device, and are therefore regarded as displaying cyber rudeness. Who made that a priority?
But then again, WHAT EVER happened to checking WHATEVER you have written, by making sure that what you WRITE is RIGHT? It still boils down to the human element as to where the buck stops on this. Or will we insist upon giving away our power and commitment to excellence in communication to machines? If that is the case, then our inattentiveness to what’s NOW HERE may lead us further down the path to NOWHERE. We could raise the bar from COMMON TATER to COMMENTATOR.
There are those who will accuse us of being elitist with these remarks about making language great again. Yet if we are going to insist that others speak and write English in our English speaking USA, so as to be cultural contributors, it might be a good idea for those who claim English as their native tongue to actually start speaking and writing it appropriately themselves, with attention to detail. Or is that degree of ATTENTION TO writing TOO much of A TENSION and such a stressor?
It’s not about being elitist; it’s about taking back the culture from the jaws of death by mediocrity, beginning with language, and turning it around from the dumbing down of the last half century (or more) toward something that we can be proud of once again. It requires effort.
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Spring Splashdown 1

Spring Splashdown.png

“Spring Splashdown 1”. Art to go. A just for fun, lively digital splash of design to snap up the right decor that’s just waiting for its colorful impact! Wall art prints, tote bags, coffee mugs, pillows, beach towels, and more. All items are highly customizable.

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In some respects the day has been rather a “sticky wicket”.
Now there’s an expression we don’t hear this side of the pond too much. It might be nice to find and use some different “colorful metaphors” as a “facelift for languishing language.”
Maybe some new verbs can give us some new vibes, turning languishing into flourishing – both of language and of life. There’s power in the words we speak…
Proverbs 18:21 (NKJV)
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.”
Proverbs 10:19-21 (ESV)
“When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent. The tongue of the righteous is choice silver; the heart of the wicked is of little worth. The lips of the righteous feed many, but fools die for lack of sense.”
And there are times when it might be wisest to remember that, “You have the right to remain silent.”
Hint: God gave us two eyes, two ears, and one mouth.
Kirk and Spock on colorful metaphors – a humorous ending note.
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Saturday Night Rant

Why do we even have these “friend” lists on pseudo social media, when few are actually communicating? We have all these “devices” and pay an often hefty monthly fee to have cell phones and tablets and internet access, but it mostly gets used by robotic call intruders, so some of us leave our ringtones off due to the nuisance factor, electing to call back if someone – a real person we may actually know – leaves a message. Personally I think we’re losing the ability to construct sentences – and instead use emojis, GIFS, and stickers to express what we’d be better off communicating with words… And we wonder why we lose our memory and thinking ability?
And the young ones cannot even write in cursive anymore, but boy, they know how to curse with every other word being the f word. Personally, I’m fed up with that trend. Tired of hearing it and tired of reading it.
And oh, by the way, you can take your baggy butt crack exposing droopy drawers and heist them up over your head so we don’t have to see you at all. In fact, take that ridiculous backward baseball hat and turn it around until your head spins. In fact how about you go back to taking off your hat inside the house or church like gentlemen used to do? You want to be counter culture? Then try these for starters and some good manners for a change. Be a trend setter, or did you think that’s some sort of canine, like an Irish Setter? Might as well, since “culture” is going to the dogs anyway. So what do you have to lose?
Whatever happened to dressing up – at least just with a little thoughtfulness and flair – to show respect to one another, and to show that you have some respect for yourself? No you don’t have to dress to the nines, but at least try to raise the bar a couple notches above slovenly for guys and slutty for girls. Sorry, girls, but those ridiculous jeans with rips and holes all over them make you look like you got pulled off the wagon and have fallen behind the runaway horse pulling it. But that’s what the fashion industry says you must have to be “in”, so comply you will. (Yes, I’m an equal opportunity annoyer.)
Whatever happened to shooting for excellence in the way we think, communicate, and look? I noticed this while watching an old movie. See how nice they look! How feminine the women are, how masculine and debonair the men! Whatever happened to that? I know it’s not just in the movies that way, but I recall when men and women actually bothered to dress up!
Whatever happened to excellence in music? It’s difficult to believe that there are people who consider the Beatles or Elvis as “classical”, since there’s no appreciation for anything that’s earlier than that, no connection to anything of real quality, where the ability to read music was not considered an anomaly. Music notation (also called sheet music), by the way, is a form of communication, the written language of music, so the lack of musicians who actually can read and write music as notation is another disastrous form of illiteracy in performance arts.
On a side note (pardon the pun), I recall having as my 7th grade teacher a gentleman who was also writing a great deal of impressive church music. My classroom desk sat right in front of his teacher’s desk, and I watched in amazement as he wrote notes and harmonies as swiftly as some write sentences! He was one of my childhood inspirations to say the least.
Sadly many have no such connection to the past – where significant differences were actually made by highly dynamic and creative people, who did not have a connection to some mafia industry that promoted them because they were corruptible and thus carried the messages of their keepers through their “art”. They actually were not only “good” but geniuses.
How things have changed! In many ways not for the better. It’s no wonder so many of the nostalgic pages, groups, blogs, and websites are so popular online, as they feature photos from the very different yet more or less recent past. They restore a sense of connectedness to the times that have been ripped away from us by those who want to redefine our tastes and rewrite the social narrative. They bring back a time when people actually lived life WITHOUT the Internet and talked to one another, gathering sometimes in groups to enjoy one another’s face to face company. There were picnics on Auntie’s lawn, fishing trips, get togethers over the holidays, and Sunday dinners as family, sometimes extended. We not only shared the enjoyment of one another’s company, but far better values and attitudes than are now expressed. (Of course there were exceptions, but they were not the mainstream.)
When did it begin to deteriorate, and what’s behind it? Have you thought about that? Or did you not even notice the subtly changing shifting landscape of everything?
These are things difficult to communicate to our grandchildren, which should be part of the responsibility of elders to do, so there is some sense of connectedness to one’s personal history. The family album is a great place to start, if you’re blessed enough to have your grandchildren nearby.
There’s more beneath the surface, but every good rant must come to an end.
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Robocalls and Beyond

So, it’s come to this. The automated calls have started up again. Consequently my personal voicemail greeting is now as follows: “Due to the excessive amount of robocalls, my ringtone is off. I will respond as promptly as possible to your message.”
There was more I wanted to say to fluff it up a bit, but the time option was not available.
However, it takes almost a full minute, when answering a voicemail, for the robotic voice to tell you what the source number was, what time the message was received, length of time for the call, etc. Ad nauseam. Ho hum. Cut to the chase already! Let’s just hear the message. Gosh, we can never have enough data, can we?
But only a few seconds are allowed for a personal greeting on my personal cellphone? What’s up with that?
There used to be the simplicity of unwelcome door to door salesmen. And then, out of the blue… One of these days. Who knows?
A holographic figure appears in front of you, unbidden. Out of nowhere it is now here – pitching for insurance companies, credit cards, political action campaigns, charities, or whatever. It won’t be just transmitted data, but will be capable of recording and sending back data about you to its source, as you stand there in your BVDs (or sheBVD’s) or worse. Hey, maybe they will have “iBVDs” by then, so material clothing will be unnecessary! Imagine the possibilities. (I’d rather not, you say? Same here.)
The Orwellian technocracy arrives at the threshold. Then what? Think it can’t happen? Welcome to the future and artificial intelligence. 😲
And guess what, Rod Serling? You won’t even have to unlock that door with the key of imagination. Because you will not have the power or the choice to keep it locked.