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Essential Oils and the Churches

My point here is to neither take the side of nor denounce essential oils, but to point out something of a bigger nature that needs to be addressed.

An opinion on essential oils at this link makes some good points, especially along the lines of the use of a church building to promote your essential oils business. Yet…

There’s another matter along that line which is a greater and more disturbing trend – that numerous churches now seem to be “partnering” with the pharmaceutical cartel to market flu shots (!!!) right in their churches. What next? Your guess is as good as mine.

Talk about a need to drive out the money changers! But who talks about that? Consider all the heavy metals, and other toxic substances in just about any vaccine – not the least of which are “products” that come from aborted fetuses. Your church is pro life, but you give this a pass? Time to rethink that one.

We don’t want any marketing of essential oils because we have “voodoophobia,” but it’s OK to give a pass with partnering to the aforementioned, which has the big bucks to cover its flat out chicanery with fast tracking of untested vaccines? Many of which are pitched to the public as “safe and effective”, neither of which is true! 

Natural products and herbs were available long before Big Pharma ever began its campaigns to dominate the healthcare “industry”, where at best symptom relief is offered with overpriced drugs. Essential oils have nothing to do with the plan of salvation. But neither does Big Pharma. We have the elite Rockefeller family to thank, who due to domination of the chemical petroleum industries, decided that forms and modalities of natural medicine are quackery – anything that is not made from the products which bring in the cash which lines their coffers – the modern paradigm of one size fits all “medicine”.

So why is the natural God given one demonized in the churches, but not the other artificial mass produced cash cow that has most of the public fooled? Because the super rich can patent the chemical petrol products formulas but not the natural products, and they are going into the churches to hawk their wares. How brazen is that? What’s surprising is that pastors and church boards give the stamp of approval! As if the flu shot sign out in front of Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and even the local grocery store are not enough?

I cannot actually say if essential oils also are as effective as pitched. They certainly do not save your soul. Peppermint oil for example works great for keeping spiders and rodents away from the windows and entering the house. But where’s the real power in the churches to keep the spiritual snakes and scorpions out of the house of God?

No, instead we strain at gnats and swallow camels. Yes, it’s a jungle out there.

How about we get back to the good old fashioned gospel and stop buying into business paradigms and “partnering” with what’s become diabolical itself as an industry that has become a religion not to be questioned?

A big deal is made of the Greek word (Strongs G5331) – “pharmakeia (far-mak-i’-ah) φαρμακεία medication (pharmacy) that is (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery witchcraft” – using it to demonize a natural product, while not understanding that it’s as applicable to everything produced by the pharmaceutical industry. That specific word is used only 3 times in the Bible, per Strong’s Online Concordance – Galatians 5:20; Revelation 9:21, and Revelation 18:23. How has it gained so much press with this focus on the demonization of essential oils?

This is ridiculous! Why demonize one and welcome in the other? Oh, I see – it’s about funds, right? Maybe we should keep all of it out of the Church – the essential oils and the pharmaceuticals, and get back to being God’s house of prayer.

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Creeds AND Deeds

Please read linked blog first.


Remarks bouncing off the link…

Deeds without creeds? Rick Warren popularized this meme. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, he says, “Deeds NOT Creeds.” Throwing out the need for any foundational understanding at all!

This leads to nothing more than self righteousness, works righteousness for salvation, and the eventual synchretistic view that “all faiths are the same.” It’s implication in the final analysis means no need for a Savior! Opening the door to a one world religion. See how subtle the adversary is!

“Deeds without creeds” is spiritual quicksand, not the rock solid foundation of Christ, the Cross, and the understanding of what the Gospel is all about. Must be why some famous preachers like to hob nob with Oprah, the Pope, Eckhart Tolle, and other promoters of a New Age one world religion. That’s where it goes. St. John warns early believers, “They are of the world. That is why they speak from the world’s perspective, and the world listens to them.”  1 John 4:5.

Creeds EXPANDED have implications, which every Christian does well to ponder and pray about, whether one’s church confesses a creed on Sunday morning or not. You cannot have deeds in keeping with the Gospel, without understanding the ancient foundational Truth of the church. Just as there should be no issues with reciting the Lord’s Prayer, there should be no issue with confessing one’s faith through the creeds.

This above link is written from a Lutheran perspective, and it’s a good understanding that is brought to the table of Christendom.

Quote: “To say ‘Deeds before Creeds’ is a gross delusion of the Law, and an improper understanding of the Gospel. What we believe effects how we act, and it is not the other way around. Without constantly preaching the Gospel to ourselves, we are all too eager to forget it, and we lick our lips at the prospect of taking the crown of Christ and placing it upon our self-reliance, and work righteousness…”

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See link before reading this article.
Articles like this one frankly drive me nuts. Certainly we can pray “spontaneously from the heart,” but if anyone wants to pray the Lord’s Prayer verbatim, then pray it with all your heart! I’m sick of this mindset that practically criminalizes praying the Lord’s Prayer, or using memorized prayers, or a prayer book. For Pete’s sake, have you never been so weary that you didn’t know what to pray, yet feel the need, but the Lord’s Prayer or the 23d Psalm came to mind, and it was prayed from the heart in a state of exhaustion?
And how do you know that praying it does not instill its “teaching” into you in profound ways, since it is God’s Word, taught by the 2nd person of the Holy Trinity Himself to His disciples. It’s not just a template or pattern! If the Lord gave it thus to His disciples, it should be good enough for us. Just because it may be said word for word does not mean it’s done mechanically.
I have been in nursing homes and prayed the Lord’s Prayer with residents who do not know their name or where they are, they are so far gone in dementia, and ordinarily could not speak. But as they hear the words, they perked up and recited it along with me! And there was a sense of God’s presence so strong right then and there. Think that recited prayer was not heard? Think that wasn’t a miracle? Think again!
IMO, these kinds of articles which supposedly “instruct” people in some ways make things more difficult and condemn childlike faith. It’s almost bordering on a sort of legalism that says, “You have to pray our way, so you can only pray spontaneously.”
I suppose it’s also a crime to chant the Psalms per this mindset. Or pray the Scripture. Something else to demonize?
Another rant for another day.