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Analysis of the consequences of a decision – not just on something involving yourself, but where others are vulnerable – is not a “he who hesitates is lost” proposition. It could be more along the lines of “look before you leap,” for he who leaps before he looks is more likely to experience loss than the one who hesitates long enough to WISELY assess something, especially where others are deeply concerned and involved. We live in a self preening, ego driven world where too many people sing in the key of me. There are even some “Christian” religions that also encourage this kind of mindset, with their bless me club mentality. Where there’s a demand for ear tickling, there will be suppliers. It’s the nature of the beast. But at some point, there is going to be an accounting. This is a form of spiritual roulette: just because the m.o. has worked in the past, and you’ve been bailed out before does not mean it’s going to work forever. The odds are less and less in your favor. If this shoe fits, wear it. And be forewarned.

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Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface Art.png

Peering down into the depths

while viewing from a rocky ledge, I see

myriad colors murky, deep, and dark,

but also shimmering, dancing light

that sparkles, smiles

and reaches up to me.

It is as if the sun when setting

was absorbed and held entranced

beneath the surface of a

captivating, wild, and lonely sea.

Now peering up it seeks a way,

come what may,

whereby it may regain the sky,

ascend into its former glory

and be free!


© Yvonne Blasy

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The Medicine Wagon

Rant Warning. Dangerous Current Ahead.

While I make use of allopathic medicine in some ways, and it certainly has its place in emergencies, it frankly disgusts me that it’s such an “orthodoxy” that it cannot see beyond itself, but its high priests (aka doctors) just throw pills at something when they really don’t have a clue what’s going on. And then if that doesn’t work, well – it might be this, and we’ll just throw procedures and or another pill at that. And so on and so forth. As long as the piggy bank does not run dry. I guess we’re all just one big experiment. Put your trust in us. Only believe.

They have access to great diagnostic tools and the definition of problems, but why are the “cures” so often missing the mark?

Does it ever cross our minds that they are trained with one way to look at things, and only one – basically to treat symptoms and not deeper causes? That consideration of the whole being – spirit, soul, and body are not addressed – when the body is basically the last one to be informed, so to speak, and then when it finds out, it protests with a “dis-ease”? But it will be business as usual, as long as we never question anything, as long as we don’t use this amazing Info-net as a tool to explore additional ways we might enhance our own health and wellbeing… along with prayer for guidance, since God also rules cyberspace.

And (this is jaded ol’ me talking) if we have good insurance, no reason that should not be tapped and tapped and tapped. And God help us if we have even more socialized medicine.

Do we ever wonder why medical insurance is available for only one kind of medicine, “researched” only by Pharmaceutical companies, but other modalities of healing are discouraged, or called quackery? While some are, ’tis true, the general public does not even know that there is equally reliable research going on via more wholistic researchers, and it is as valid and in some cases more deeply rigorous science than the “fast tracking” of drugs, vaccines, and medical equipment for profit that goes on in the allopathic world.

Sorry to rant, but I’m just fed up with watching people spend their entire life running from one doctor to another with little if any good result. We need to be more willing to ask questions and take back control of our health – a lot of it beginning with nutrition. We are what we eat. That’s for starters. All of us could do better in that department to begin with. Taking sugar out of the diet is an excellent start – it is poison, cancer cells feed on it, and it makes us fat , which leads to chronic conditions. I hope to practice what I preach a lot better in present and future. Warning: it is not easy. Baby steps, Bob.

I go to an allopathic provider. She and I have developed an understanding about these things over the years, and we have come to the place where she ASKS me and doesn’t TELL me – because she knows that – if I come to her office with some sort of symptoms – I’ve probably already done the research, and have a good idea what my options are in terms of regular medicine and more natural approaches, or a combination. So I’m never one to recommend ditching the whole allopathic scene. After all I worked there for over 40 years, military and civilian.

But as a sort of global corporate mindset takes over the landscape, one wonders about the direction traditional medicine is taking. It may be wise to find our water in fresher wells, so to speak, and realize there can be other options.

OK, I’m done ranting. For now.

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An insignificant thought. Perhaps “it” does not matter.

“It” must be Autumn at last. Do you notice “it” as the leaves begin to change colors and go tumbling to the ground?

Did you ever wonder what “it” is?… “It” is cold. “It” is windy… “It” is raining… “It” is warm today… I don’t get “it”… Tag, you’re “it”…

(Add your own “it” here, dear reader. And ponder “it”.)

This little word we take for granted, yet we use “it” all the time, but what is “it”? What does “it” mean? Will “it” matter if we did not have “it”, even by the time you are finished reading this? Or will “it” be of significance any other time?

Yet the question remains, can we do without “it”?

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Beside The River

These little sheds used to be on the shores of the nearby river. I don’t think there are any left. The idea was taken from memory of a quieter day, spent closer to nature. The original is a miniature 4×6.5″.

Beside The River.jpg

When you are born into an area that has copious waterways, it’s not something easily left behind. We love our Michigan!