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Just A Reminder…

… about my other “blog” ImaginEquine!

Ain’t it time for you to saddle up, hit the trail, and take a look? And it’s time for me to get busy and create some more of these ponies!

The Conversation.jpeg

So head on over, and tie up to the hitchin’ post, and c’mon in! We’ll spend a little time solving the world’s problems. Well, not really. Plenty folks workin’ on that, or so we’re told. Maybe it’s time just to pass some time.

Whadaya think?


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Spring Splashdown 1

Spring Splashdown.png

“Spring Splashdown 1”. Art to go. A just for fun, lively digital splash of design to snap up the right decor that’s just waiting for its colorful impact! Wall art prints, tote bags, coffee mugs, pillows, beach towels, and more. All items are highly customizable.

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This one is called “Hidden.” Old deserted house or shed beside the edge of a woods.


7×9″ ultra fine sharpie on watercolor paper. Honestly the original looks much better than the photo. I’m hoping this has propelled me out of the creative starting gate this year. It’s been really difficult to get creative in 2019. Winter has not helped. I’m thankful for better weather to at least get outside some. This idea was based on a photo but with a few elements added. Hope you like it.