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Steer Clear

Steer clear of fear;
guard your eyes and what you hear!
Do not fear; be of good cheer.
Call on Jesus, Who is ever near.
Times will come and times will go,
Some will be bright, some filled with woe –
Call to Him Who loves you always,
more than you will ever know!
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Against The Darkness

Against The Darkness

Now the Light of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

the Chosen One, the Truth, the Way

shines forth in triumph and dispels the darkness

of this wicked day!

Begone, you vanquished powers of hell,

of Satan, sin, of lies, of death, and woe,

Now unto your appointed place

you must forever go.

The One Who has the victory

now holds this earth forever in His power.

He triumphant reigns,

Who has burst apart your useless chains!

Christ Jesus’ holy name alone we bless and praise,

as in His triumph now our shouts of joy we raise,

and forever throughout endless days.

His holy, precious blood has set us free,

as He the Lamb of God alone

has won the victory!

~ © Blaise ~

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Chore Day

Where to from here,
beginning the week,
with laundry piled up
to which I now speak?
It’s only Monday –
turning out not to be such a fun day.
Washing clothes – simple chore,
and nothing more.
but the dryer has quit –
Now I’m in a twit.
No reason to be in a jitter.
Instead I can post it
on Facebook and Twitter.


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Palm Sunday Reverie

Yesterday’s Palm Sunday weather – a hard cold rain changing to snow – here in the Great Lakes Region was a bit of a surprise… Hence to memorialize.

Palm Sunday – right?
When spring is in sight.
Memories are many of soft balmy breezes
without freezing rain
and head colds and sneezes.
Daffodils lifting up their gold smiles to the sun
and winter was long ago on the run.


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Artificial Christmas Tree

My little fake tree –

it’s the only one for me!

No sticky needles, bugs, or ticks,

and still I get my Christmas kicks!

Only three feet tall –

from the basement I can haul!

Upon it are three strings of light

To make its cozy corner bright.

Yes, it’s oh so small

the cat will not upon it crawl.

She remembers last year when she tried,

down she fell with wounded pride!


Oh Christmas tree!


How greatly do I love thee!



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Fall In For You

Fall In For You 

FallIn4U Gallery Wrap.png

A riot of loud color

tumbling to the ground


makes not a sound,

but the wind

makes this spectacle rustle

with much fuss and bustle,

making its way

with each shorter day,

as it rushes on

toward a blustery mid winter

holiday hustle.

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Cat Naps


Sometimes pets know what to do!


Cat 2.png

Grab a little cat nap –

It’s a thing that you can do,

when you’re drained and tired and weary

or feeling kind of blue.

It may be that your body

and your mind are far too busy,

So it’s one good way,

at that low point in the day,

to keep yourself

from going into a tizzy!

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Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface Art.png

Peering down into the depths

while viewing from a rocky ledge, I see

myriad colors murky, deep, and dark,

but also shimmering, dancing light

that sparkles, smiles

and reaches up to me.

It is as if the sun when setting

was absorbed and held entranced

beneath the surface of a

captivating, wild, and lonely sea.

Now peering up it seeks a way,

come what may,

whereby it may regain the sky,

ascend into its former glory

and be free!


© Yvonne Blasy

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Back Alleys

More compelling than storefronts

are back alley ways,

whispering the secrets

of silent closed shops

and busy-ness days.

Dumpsters by staircases

reveal all the tales

of cast away cartons

from ten percent off sales.

Here am I by the alley

perched beneath an old tree;

As I watch, wait, and wonder,

seeing what I can see.


© Blaiseintotheblue


PS: It’s fun to simply go somewhere “unimportant”, just sit with it awhile, and let it show you something about itself. What often emerges is that life is everywhere and it can be interesting, even compelling in what it “says.” Sometimes places speak louder than people, if you watch them and listen carefully. I wanted to get a photo of what I was looking at so I could use it for a drawing to match this poem, but discovered that I neglected to grab my phone before going out the door. So I will just post this for now. Hope you like it.

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Playing With Color



Playing with color by day or by night
can wash away sadness and bring some delight.
A small dash of yellow, or purple, or green
can bring some new insights or brighten the scene!
So get out your colors and set things in motion;
You may be surprised if you follow this notion!

© Blaise

(A snippet from a spring/summer theme, but it still works!)