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Creative Purpose

Food For Thought…
Do you ever feel like you want to bolt for the door, climb into your vehicle, and boldly go where you’ve never gone before, without any plan of where to go, or when to return? How many of us – if we’re honest – do not feel that way, or have not felt that way, at least from time to time?
Although I’m not given to the “dreamer” mentality, this urge sometimes comes up and always has as a persistent voice that has accompanied me at all times and places. However, valuing maturity and responsibility keep most of us in place as adults. So we don’t bolt for the door, and really we shouldn’t. It’s part of growing up and adapting to a mature outlook.
I’ve heard it suggested that this door can be, as Rod Serling always said upon opening each Twilight Zone episode, unlocked with the key of imagination. That need not be dark or macabre. One can enter the adventure in other ways than physically deserting responsibilities and people, through creative pursuits such as the writing of a short story, or painting, or making music. You need not be “good” at it, as the world would judge it (or has been programmed to judge creativity by the powers that wannabe, for their own benefits and bottom line).
I once read (It may have been Reader’s Digest???) a true account of a woman who’d come upon hard times, and was left alone. Whatever prompted her, she began to write a fictional story. The outcome was that eventually the story she wrote actually unfolded in her life with a good and happy outcome! She had no intentions of it working out that way, but it did. It’s almost as if the creative act of writing was a prayer that was answered!
That makes you stop and wonder if the purpose of creativity isn’t far more beneficial than for entertainment or decoration, that it is a blessing that can bless, not just the one who hears and sees some “creative project or product”, but the one who also brings it forward, with the creative soul connecting to the Creator in Whose image and likeness we are made.
I think it might be good if we began to view our particular favorite art form – whatever that may be – as something far better than some means toward an ego trip to become well known or to make money, that the creativity itself may be a far more amazing phenomenon than what is actually created.
Imagine that.
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Death By Mediocrity

THEY’RE THERE now in THEIR new home. ITS small town charm makes it seem like IT’S a winner, while other choices of residence were THROWN down from the THRONE of their affection. Yet WHO’S going to guess WHOSE choice this summer may be camping IN TENTS, which might be too INTENSE for some? WHERE such a location might be could WEAR out the faint of heart…
What brings on this direction of thought, one might ask? It has to do with the sad state of English grammar in many a conversation thread, blog, and even the writing of “professional” journalists. Where are the editors? Where are the proofreaders? Additionally, if spellcheck exists, should there not be grammar check, as well as word check of such sophistication that it can discern the subtle and proper uses and correct forms of words?
There’s more at stake with this than meets the eye, more than worrying about someone yelling because he or she cannot seem to figure out how to release the caps lock on his or her device, and are therefore regarded as displaying cyber rudeness. Who made that a priority?
But then again, WHAT EVER happened to checking WHATEVER you have written, by making sure that what you WRITE is RIGHT? It still boils down to the human element as to where the buck stops on this. Or will we insist upon giving away our power and commitment to excellence in communication to machines? If that is the case, then our inattentiveness to what’s NOW HERE may lead us further down the path to NOWHERE. We could raise the bar from COMMON TATER to COMMENTATOR.
There are those who will accuse us of being elitist with these remarks about making language great again. Yet if we are going to insist that others speak and write English in our English speaking USA, so as to be cultural contributors, it might be a good idea for those who claim English as their native tongue to actually start speaking and writing it appropriately themselves, with attention to detail. Or is that degree of ATTENTION TO writing TOO much of A TENSION and such a stressor?
It’s not about being elitist; it’s about taking back the culture from the jaws of death by mediocrity, beginning with language, and turning it around from the dumbing down of the last half century (or more) toward something that we can be proud of once again. It requires effort.
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An insignificant thought. Perhaps “it” does not matter.

“It” must be Autumn at last. Do you notice “it” as the leaves begin to change colors and go tumbling to the ground?

Did you ever wonder what “it” is?… “It” is cold. “It” is windy… “It” is raining… “It” is warm today… I don’t get “it”… Tag, you’re “it”…

(Add your own “it” here, dear reader. And ponder “it”.)

This little word we take for granted, yet we use “it” all the time, but what is “it”? What does “it” mean? Will “it” matter if we did not have “it”, even by the time you are finished reading this? Or will “it” be of significance any other time?

Yet the question remains, can we do without “it”?

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Dropping By For a Quick One

Oh goody, it’s world emoji day. I was just reminded of this important holiday on social media. How could I be so remiss in my technocratic homage?

I cannot think of celebrating anything more worthwhile than something that’s furthering the cause of symbols as replacements for words, spelling, and even being able to weave them into ideas in the forms of cohesive thought constructs, known as sentences, paragraphs, articles, blogs, chapters… and heaven forbid, poetry and books!

Take the day off, and write happy faces five hundred times on your next post, in celebration of your joy unspeakable for emoji day (no caps, please. too much effort.)

… happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times, happy faces five hundred times …

Well, you get the idea!