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Home Entertainment

The squirrels are out playing on the yard this afternoon. There are about 4 black ones and 2 silver ones all chasing each other. One of them was up on the window reminding me it was lunch time. So I put out bread. Then he ran of course when the front door opened.
Then the crows show up. Never to miss a handy handout. They won’t come to the window ledge where the wee 4 leggeds get fed. Go find some carrion, will you? Should be plenty of that! They always disturb the squirrels.
Let’s see if who gets fed before one of the possum comes up for his late dining experience. They’re being named. I should try to get pictures. “The Other 1” (not Opie – the 1st one as large as an average cat) showed up at almost 11pm the other night! I think there are 3, judging from size and markings. I still need to differentiate between Other 1 and Other 2. Come spring there will probably be a whole tribe. Provided Lake Michigan has not washed away everything West of our yard.
Attention possums. C’mon now guys. Be quick. The “Bistro Patio” closes at 9:30.