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From the Shire

Leave No Stone Unturned


We went for a neighborhood walk on this beautiful spring day. Quiet conversation emerged, as we pointed out the trees budding, birds singing, fallen trees, and how well the bakery seems to be doing in spite of what has happened. Well, sure – it’s carryout.

GB picked up a stone someone painted and left by the wayside. It says, “Keep moving.” I will try to be mindful of that sage advice.

Slower than usual, we walk along, me with my walking stick, as I fancy myself among the quietly pensive companions in the Shire, as they realize how things are not what they were. Nor will they ever be. Not only politically, but physically too. Back trouble, knee trouble, foot trouble. Effects all sides and parts. Sometimes it moves to my right thumb. Sometimes I get a Charlie Horse in my left hand. That’s especially interesting when driving or playing my guitar. Never know what’s going to hurt first or give out when anymore. Living in hope I will see the “missing parts” of my far flung beloved family and relatives once more. Somehow. While still in this life.

No special triumphs to boast about here. Sinner still in need of a Savior in a besieged land. But, it is what it is, and God has been, is, and always will be Good. Life is good too because it is a gift of God. In spite of what physical senses and the news tell us. Perhaps He asks us to look beyond what we see with new eyes, into higher purposes. Beyond the darkness, into the dawn.

“Remember my affliction and my wandering, the wormwood and bitterness. Surely my soul remembers And is bowed down within me. This I recall to my mind, Therefore I have hope.The LORD’S loving kindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, says my soul, Therefore I have hope in Him.
The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the person who seeks Him. It is good that he waits silently For the salvation of the LORD.”

~from Lamentations 3~


Soli Deo Gloria!

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Just Wondering

While I sometimes enjoy the content of a number of Youtube channels run by certain pastors, I got to wondering when they have time to shepherd their flocks, considering all the TV watching, Youtube watching, and preparing their content that’s involved, equipment, etc., so they can critique pseudo preachers and the like, and heaven knows they need exposing. Not to mention prayer life! Yet some things just don’t stack up. Ministry functions are “… to equip the saints for works of ministry, to build up the body of Christ, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God, as we mature to the full measure of the stature of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed about by the waves and carried around by every wind of teaching and by the clever cunning of men in their deceitful scheming.” Ephesians 4:12-14. Focus on what’s important, literally for Christ’s sake! Or is Youtube monetization more important? I dunno. Maybe I’m behind the times, but what if things were being taken care of at home in the local assembly, the family of God, along the lines of maturing the saints, then just maybe the saints could discern for themselves who the charlatans are!

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Hey, you! Howdy!
Holidays are the time for “wishes” to come true, right? Maybe. Maybe not. Be careful what you wish for. It’s not that you just might get it, because you probably won’t in this case. But just for the record…
Sometimes you wish you had a life to live over, with the knowledge acquired on the “homestretch”. You’d do a heck of a lot better with it and live with more meaning to more people, you claim. Or so you’d hope… Lord, have mercy.
But there’s always today and hopefully tomorrow. Let’s ask to be made aware of the opportunities present, and then the wherewithal to be attentive to those that are actually within the realm of possibility.
One of the things you might do well to stop telling yourself is, “I’ll do everything possible.” Stop! Listen to the implications of that! What? Are we God? That kind of self talk sets us up for failure because we are not the Almighty Who alone “does all things possible.” What is far more logical and feasible is to say, realistically, “I’ll do what I can.”
See the difference? (Newsflash: others may not like that, when they’ve been on the receiving end of your “all things”.) That levels the playing field a little, and you won’t be driven crazy trying to play God, which can be a covert desire to be worshipped. Did you ever think of it that way? (You devil, you! 😉 )
Or you might think you need to compare yourself to someone else’s life, calling, and accomplishments. Might be nice just to rejoice with them, and let it go at that. No one else needs to be your yardstick. God makes each of who we are. It’s good to give thanks for that much.
Just a couple little thoughts on a cold blustery December night.
~Blaise Into The Blue~
P.S. “Now godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1Timothy 6:6. NKJV.
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When In Doubt

Just a quick one –

To feel or battle doubt need not be necessarily condemned as sin; it is rather an emptiness that begs to be filled with right understanding, the answers of questions, or a need for information that brings puzzle pieces of the bigger picture into view and puts them together. This is something I had to learn from experience – after a long struggle due to buying into the idea (from previous reductionist religious/spiritual programming) that doubt was a “crime punishable by death,” so to speak. Once I could see it for what it is, then the answers it represented began to fall into place as well, and much needed direction came into view. Never criminalize yourself for doubting, but pray and keep on praying – in spite of your feelings.

Someone needs to hear this, so I am posting this remark. Pass along as you wish.

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Saturday Night Rant

Why do we even have these “friend” lists on pseudo social media, when few are actually communicating? We have all these “devices” and pay an often hefty monthly fee to have cell phones and tablets and internet access, but it mostly gets used by robotic call intruders, so some of us leave our ringtones off due to the nuisance factor, electing to call back if someone – a real person we may actually know – leaves a message. Personally I think we’re losing the ability to construct sentences – and instead use emojis, GIFS, and stickers to express what we’d be better off communicating with words… And we wonder why we lose our memory and thinking ability?
And the young ones cannot even write in cursive anymore, but boy, they know how to curse with every other word being the f word. Personally, I’m fed up with that trend. Tired of hearing it and tired of reading it.
And oh, by the way, you can take your baggy butt crack exposing droopy drawers and heist them up over your head so we don’t have to see you at all. In fact, take that ridiculous backward baseball hat and turn it around until your head spins. In fact how about you go back to taking off your hat inside the house or church like gentlemen used to do? You want to be counter culture? Then try these for starters and some good manners for a change. Be a trend setter, or did you think that’s some sort of canine, like an Irish Setter? Might as well, since “culture” is going to the dogs anyway. So what do you have to lose?
Whatever happened to dressing up – at least just with a little thoughtfulness and flair – to show respect to one another, and to show that you have some respect for yourself? No you don’t have to dress to the nines, but at least try to raise the bar a couple notches above slovenly for guys and slutty for girls. Sorry, girls, but those ridiculous jeans with rips and holes all over them make you look like you got pulled off the wagon and have fallen behind the runaway horse pulling it. But that’s what the fashion industry says you must have to be “in”, so comply you will. (Yes, I’m an equal opportunity annoyer.)
Whatever happened to shooting for excellence in the way we think, communicate, and look? I noticed this while watching an old movie. See how nice they look! How feminine the women are, how masculine and debonair the men! Whatever happened to that? I know it’s not just in the movies that way, but I recall when men and women actually bothered to dress up!
Whatever happened to excellence in music? It’s difficult to believe that there are people who consider the Beatles or Elvis as “classical”, since there’s no appreciation for anything that’s earlier than that, no connection to anything of real quality, where the ability to read music was not considered an anomaly. Music notation (also called sheet music), by the way, is a form of communication, the written language of music, so the lack of musicians who actually can read and write music as notation is another disastrous form of illiteracy in performance arts.
On a side note (pardon the pun), I recall having as my 7th grade teacher a gentleman who was also writing a great deal of impressive church music. My classroom desk sat right in front of his teacher’s desk, and I watched in amazement as he wrote notes and harmonies as swiftly as some write sentences! He was one of my childhood inspirations to say the least.
Sadly many have no such connection to the past – where significant differences were actually made by highly dynamic and creative people, who did not have a connection to some mafia industry that promoted them because they were corruptible and thus carried the messages of their keepers through their “art”. They actually were not only “good” but geniuses.
How things have changed! In many ways not for the better. It’s no wonder so many of the nostalgic pages, groups, blogs, and websites are so popular online, as they feature photos from the very different yet more or less recent past. They restore a sense of connectedness to the times that have been ripped away from us by those who want to redefine our tastes and rewrite the social narrative. They bring back a time when people actually lived life WITHOUT the Internet and talked to one another, gathering sometimes in groups to enjoy one another’s face to face company. There were picnics on Auntie’s lawn, fishing trips, get togethers over the holidays, and Sunday dinners as family, sometimes extended. We not only shared the enjoyment of one another’s company, but far better values and attitudes than are now expressed. (Of course there were exceptions, but they were not the mainstream.)
When did it begin to deteriorate, and what’s behind it? Have you thought about that? Or did you not even notice the subtly changing shifting landscape of everything?
These are things difficult to communicate to our grandchildren, which should be part of the responsibility of elders to do, so there is some sense of connectedness to one’s personal history. The family album is a great place to start, if you’re blessed enough to have your grandchildren nearby.
There’s more beneath the surface, but every good rant must come to an end.
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Human And Grateful, But…

fed up with memes that talk about Human Beings being the cruelest “animals” on the planet. Are you who are posting this stuff aware of who generates those memes – that they are all about trying to get you to feel guilty about yourself, to demoralize you, get your buy in about “what’s best for Mother Earth,” yet have as their agenda the elimination of the human population down to the “manageable” amount of 500 million?

These are the same people who promote abortion on demand and genocide every way they can. They run the world with war, which kills more military and civilians than anything else, and lines their coffers with gold. They support Human trafficking. They talk of peace but have no intention of allowing that to happen, but keep us all stirred up with propaganda against one another. This too makes their self imposed management easier – a divide and conquer strategy.

They are all about getting rid of whoever they decide is a “useless eater” or a drain on the system because they are old or disabled. And when your turn comes, they will think nothing of eliminating you too. So they really have to work hard at making it look like all Human Beings are devils who don’t care about animals.

The fact is – that the Human haters are the cruelest “animals” on earth, because they do not tell the whole truth about Human Beings, but try to make us all look bad to suit their draconian plans, as they wear a hypocrite’s mask that makes them look good. Don’t fall for it.

Certainly there are evil people. Certainly there are some people who will go to these marches and protests and make absolute fools of themselves. (Guess who they work for and don’t know it? The Human haters actually call them “useful idiots.”)

But there are also some very good people who care about BOTH people AND animals and all of life and the earth. For us, it’s not one against the other, and never was. But you won’t hear that.

Nor will you hear that man was created in God’s image and likeness, and that makes us Human Beings not animals at all! Because mankind has fallen, that likeness of God is in need of restoration through Jesus Christ’s redemption and His plan of salvation for humanity.

You won’t hear that either, because these half baked meme starters work for the dark side, which despises our Creator and His Human children. Why? They want complete control over God’s creation – which is not theirs to control at all, since God’s “Prime Directive” was for Human Beings to lovingly administrate and care for the Earth and all its inhabitants. God’s Way is to serve, not to dominate!

But in true psychopathic fashion these predator type Human haters blame everybody else for what they’re doing. So the next time you are tempted to post a meme on how nasty Human Beings are, with a lovely photo of a wolf or tiger or whatever, realize who and what you’re supporting and promoting, and don’t hit the send button. Realize that a lot of the Human haters also engage in blood sport and killing these precious animals just for the sport of it. But they keep that well hidden too.

So don’t blindly repost every meme you see along these lines. Think first.

(PS: You’re possibly wondering why I capitalize the words Human Being. If so, here’s why – because Human Beings are meant to be Sons of God in the making, heirs and joint heirs in Jesus Christ. It’s just an honorarium of God’s love for us and the vision He has of us! So let’s see ourselves through His eyes, and not let the Human haters define who we are any longer.)


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Back Alleys

More compelling than storefronts

are back alley ways,

whispering the secrets

of silent closed shops

and busy-ness days.

Dumpsters by staircases

reveal all the tales

of cast away cartons

from ten percent off sales.

Here am I by the alley

perched beneath an old tree;

As I watch, wait, and wonder,

seeing what I can see.


© Blaiseintotheblue


PS: It’s fun to simply go somewhere “unimportant”, just sit with it awhile, and let it show you something about itself. What often emerges is that life is everywhere and it can be interesting, even compelling in what it “says.” Sometimes places speak louder than people, if you watch them and listen carefully. I wanted to get a photo of what I was looking at so I could use it for a drawing to match this poem, but discovered that I neglected to grab my phone before going out the door. So I will just post this for now. Hope you like it.