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I Have A Theory

I have a theory. Some folks have dreams; I have theories.
The more robo calls you get on your cellphone, the more gullible you are perceived to be by the gods of cyberspace. Here’s how I think it works. Everything you post or do online reveals whether you can be had, hacked, or sales pitched to, if you’re a “sucka” in other words. (Did she say that? 🤭 Why, yes she did.)
The whole info-thing, internet of things (of which you are nothing more than a thing among many things to be dispatched and hacked, and harassed as deemed necessary) is connected and the data about you analyzed by “possible very likely” (was that an oxymoron?) artificial intelligence. So if you’re a sucka, by their analysis, they got your number, baby, so it’s ring, ring, ring all day.😂
Why else did you think that when you go “window shopping” for shoes on the internet, every site you go to thereafter (usually the tabloid sorta sleazy commentary sites), there are adds floating by of the very items you were shopping for. The PTWB just want you to know they can see everything you do on online…
So, my thought is, make it interesting, unpredictable, creative, and completely nuts. More fun than a barrel of Darwin’s monkeys and less robo calls for all.
🙉🙊🐵 Disrupt their algorithms in other words. We can do this! Just because we can.