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Just A Reminder…

… about my other “blog” ImaginEquine!

Ain’t it time for you to saddle up, hit the trail, and take a look? And it’s time for me to get busy and create some more of these ponies!

The Conversation.jpeg

So head on over, and tie up to the hitchin’ post, and c’mon in! We’ll spend a little time solving the world’s problems. Well, not really. Plenty folks workin’ on that, or so we’re told. Maybe it’s time just to pass some time.

Whadaya think?


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Palomino Pal O Mine

Pal Screen Shot.png

Horses are probably my favorite subjects for art. We used to have horses, and our daughter was involved in 4H, dressage, and drill teams. However, for Mom the interest waned as I discovered that aging bones do not mend as well as in youth. So I am content to watch from the paddock fence or beside the show ring, although horses and their care are a thing of the past at this point. But for beauty, power, movement, and in my mind a symbol of energetic freedom, I do not think that there is a lovelier and more powerful creature fashioned by the hand of God. So my artistic attempts are a way that I wish to bring honor to Him for the magnificent gift of equines, whether by way of realism as depicted here, or interpreted abstractly as here:

Happy viewing, and happy trails to you, dear visitor. Thanks for stopping by my blog and my art website. Don’t be a stranger!