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Catching Up On Sketches

I’ve been working here and there with posting some older artwork. It seems like I’m not going to get much traction on new things until there’s some catching up on the older collections. Distraction prevents much action.  This is another older sketch, a closeup of the subject and the full drawing. Going for expression on this one, which is called Waiting For Daddy. 8×10 ink original, from sketchbook.

Waiting Partial.png Waiting Full View.png

This was by no means an attempt at any Christmas theme, although the mother and child idea may come across that way.

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Fall In For You

Fall In For You 

FallIn4U Gallery Wrap.png

A riot of loud color

tumbling to the ground


makes not a sound,

but the wind

makes this spectacle rustle

with much fuss and bustle,

making its way

with each shorter day,

as it rushes on

toward a blustery mid winter

holiday hustle.

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The Whatevers

For help in getting past the blues…


Picturesque Passages 17.png

Sometimes it helps me to stay positive, or to pull my mind away from things that are bothering me, to choose a Scripture passage and make some art with it. Digital is convenient late at night when I’m aimed at relaxing with my feet propped up. This is one of my favorites. You wind up asking, What are some of the things I can focus on that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, or praiseworthy that are going on in my life and in the world? Goodness knows the world is full of news that’s seldom any of these things. So, even the color and the play of designing something winds up being a blessing that uplifts the spirit. It helps to consciously realize that there is a lot to be thankful for, in spite of the challenges, or to switch from grumbling to gratitude.

I hope that sharing this helps you too!



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Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface Art.png

Peering down into the depths

while viewing from a rocky ledge, I see

myriad colors murky, deep, and dark,

but also shimmering, dancing light

that sparkles, smiles

and reaches up to me.

It is as if the sun when setting

was absorbed and held entranced

beneath the surface of a

captivating, wild, and lonely sea.

Now peering up it seeks a way,

come what may,

whereby it may regain the sky,

ascend into its former glory

and be free!


© Yvonne Blasy

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Beside The River

These little sheds used to be on the shores of the nearby river. I don’t think there are any left. The idea was taken from memory of a quieter day, spent closer to nature. The original is a miniature 4×6.5″.

Beside The River.jpg

When you are born into an area that has copious waterways, it’s not something easily left behind. We love our Michigan!