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Rambling Thoughts on a World at War

There is so much good, beauty, and creativity which our Creator Heavenly Father has brought us into in this life. It is here to enjoy and to bless and to strengthen. All anyone has to do is look out the window or step outside to see it. Or look at the face of someone near and dear, and say, here is the image of God right in front of me.

The electronic devices have us instead peering into the oblong icon of technocracy and its allurements. It becomes more and more difficult for parents to exercise their God given authority to monitor what their children are being exposed to. And certainly the public schools – another “trusted authority” – add to this defilement of children through some teachers and officials who are absolutely unworthy of any sort of trust.

Although it’s clear that there are things that will take place before our Lord returns, there’s a part of me that still cannot, in some ways, fathom that we’re in a space where so many love only the darkness, and want to bring others – especially children – into it and literally work to defile and demoralize them.

A “culture” that also seeks to murder its unborn and infants, to legitimize assisted suicide, to rid itself of the old or infirm, or anyone it regards as “useless” or inconvenient or too expensive, and also continues on its path of (its old favorite) war (asymmetric and eventually kinetic) and destruction in plundering and possessing other people’s stuff, so they can play god and “redistribute” the wealth according to that culture’s atheist ideology, is headed for destruction itself. Whether it can even be regarded as a culture is debatable.

Is it any wonder that John the Apostle makes clear that the whole world (system) is under the power of the evil one?

Go and read the little Book of Jude in the Bible, and see if it is not a depiction of our times. Many will say, Oh, there have always been times such as these. Yet… those times were somewhat regional. Currently these attitudes and afflictions are on a global scale.

As Christ makes clear, “And when the south wind blows, you say, ‘It will be hot,’ and it is. You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and sky. Why don’t you know how to interpret the present time? And why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?” Luke 12:55-57. (Berean Study Bible)

The world has been at war for longer than most imagine. That began in Genesis 3.

But still the blessed and the beautiful are present. Because God is present everywhere.

Seek Him with all your heart; seek Him in all you find before you each day; seek Him in His Word which reveals His Son. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. It is vital to walk with Him now.



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