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Don’t you find it disturbing that – not only are we going through some unparalleled, unprecedented times (that they are global rather than regional makes it so, IMO) – but that so few even notice, even when something is shown to them?

This is where we have to be careful. Especially when it comes to name calling, such as what gets thrown around in the way of “They are so stupid…” You think you’re smart because you see something and are aware. You have awakened. And you aren’t too much bothered by it… But “THEY” are just ignorant and stupid.

Chem trails. The effects of the injectacide (y’all know what I mean). Poison in the air, the water, the food. Lies. Propaganda. Crooked elections. Open borders. Media lies and celeb mouthpieces who are most unworthy “idols.” (But what is a “worthy” idol? An oxymoron.) Constant bombardment of “ain’t it awful” from so many sources – ever so well intentioned – who keep pounding and hounding about the bad news (and it is bad), and put it in front of you, as if force feeding you “truth” that is like journalistic spinach (or pick anything else you hate to eat).

No thanks. I got it. Now I will process it in my own way, and in my own prayerful timing.

There is a war against mankind going on right now. An all out assault on all levels. There are devils in human disguise on the loose on every front. Satan is real. His minions and human sycophants are busy and well organized. We all have our own perspectives on that. Some call it the “4th Turning.”

So let’s just stop with that analysis for a few moments, and connect with some compassion, as to how some folks respond to it. They’re not all “stupid.” They hurt and are in denial. Who has not lost something, or someone, or what characterized your life as “old normal” before “all this” picked up its momentum before?

What we can conclude is that perhaps there’s a massive GRIEVING going on over what has been lost. We have all been assaulted on many fronts – spiritual, psychological, physical, mental, emotional… In some cases the very core of being has been tampered with and damaged severely. Each one of us has a story on that of what the cost has been for the last, specifically 3 years since 2019.

What is common is the GRIEVING!

If you think you’re handling this well, and are proud of it, well, good for you. But some people are not handling things well. They may not be STUPID, as they have been judged, but they may be in the DENIAL phase. If someone does not have the “tools” or the toughness that you have to handle what’s going on, how about growing a little understanding, instead of name calling?

Each of the phases of grieving are handled at different paces by different individuals. And this is global grieving, on a scale never before experienced by humankind.

Evil has the upper hand. This is “Satan’s Little Season,” as it has been referred to. It will not last forever. Because those involved plant the seed of evil, they will eventually reap their own harvest.

But people are being hurt. Desperately in some cases. We ought no to add to that, especially if we name the name of Christ.

A good place to start with an attitude adjustment, as far as bringing a little balm to the wounded, is Psalm 37:1,2. “Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, And wither as the green herb.”

It’s good to have “situational awareness.” But sometimes it’s also good to know when to back off. Especially if it becomes a matter of pride in knowledge, to the point where we become part of the problem.



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