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Is The Church Under Caesar’s Control?

Please read linked article first.

“Don’t claim that a ‘national emergency’ renders the Constitution moot.” (Quote from article.) Or is it about the Constitution? In some respects, yes. In others, no.

Then there’s those non profit statuses which shouldn’t be there in the 1st place. If going to church is a matter of a tax deduction, it’s time to examine one’s relationship to Christ. Think what Christians did when “Caesar” commanded them to worship him, or other pagan gods. What was the cost to martyrs when the faith was outlawed? There was no constitutional republic then.

Sure, 21st century church, roll over and play dead. Oh, but we can “worship online.” Baloney! The BODY of Christ is meant to be a physical container on earth for His Spirit, meeting together with the saints and angels in heaven in Divine Service, not a digital sham. We need to rethink Whose we are, who we are, and what we are.

While I concur that God is omnipresent, what this capitulation amounts to is for the technocrats to control everything through the Internet, including whether or not we participate in Holy Communion, the Body and Blood of Christ – which is by no means “virtual reality”. 

And there are forces unseen who know this and have attacked the very heart of the Church with these draconian mandates. Beware of “guidelines” which become “mandates” which then are made “law”.

But know that Christ also promises that the gates of hell will not prevail against His true Church. The houses built on sand will fall and tumble, however.

Or is He using these events to tear down the false so as to reveal the true? We may be seeing something entirely new going on.




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