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His Ways, Not Our Ideas

Do you have anyone in your acquaintance who’s continually asking for prayer to get out of a situation, but it never quite goes away? And they complain all the time… These words below by T.A. Sparks hold valuable clues as to why that may be the case. Current pop “churchianity culture” ways of thinking do not take into account the fact that God’s ways are not our ways. Many think that belonging to Christ is about a bless me club where everything always feels good. Reading your Bible in its entirety, instead of what cherry picking false teachers want you to focus on, is a good way to get your mind right. We have forgotten that self gratification needs to get crucified, not exalted. That can be accomplished by surrender to the Presence of the present, not trying to escape His ways of bringing forth the likeness of Christ in us.

“… live your life and do your work in all the trial and difficulty and suffering of it, and do not strain to get out of it. Do not lose the present value of it by always living mentally or hopefully in a time when you will be out of it, but go back there and recognize that if you are the Lord’s, if you love God and are called according to purpose (as you are if you are in Christ), God is seeking to do something with you and in you by means of the conditions of your present situation. You will only defeat God’s end if you try to get out, and will fail to recognize and accept what He is seeking to do.”


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