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An insignificant thought. Perhaps “it” does not matter.

“It” must be Autumn at last. Do you notice “it” as the leaves begin to change colors and go tumbling to the ground?

Did you ever wonder what “it” is?… “It” is cold. “It” is windy… “It” is raining… “It” is warm today… I don’t get “it”… Tag, you’re “it”…

(Add your own “it” here, dear reader. And ponder “it”.)

This little word we take for granted, yet we use “it” all the time, but what is “it”? What does “it” mean? Will “it” matter if we did not have “it”, even by the time you are finished reading this? Or will “it” be of significance any other time?

Yet the question remains, can we do without “it”?



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