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Back Alleys

More compelling than storefronts

are back alley ways,

whispering the secrets

of silent closed shops

and busy-ness days.

Dumpsters by staircases

reveal all the tales

of cast away cartons

from ten percent off sales.

Here am I by the alley

perched beneath an old tree;

As I watch, wait, and wonder,

seeing what I can see.


© Blaiseintotheblue


PS: It’s fun to simply go somewhere “unimportant”, just sit with it awhile, and let it show you something about itself. What often emerges is that life is everywhere and it can be interesting, even compelling in what it “says.” Sometimes places speak louder than people, if you watch them and listen carefully. I wanted to get a photo of what I was looking at so I could use it for a drawing to match this poem, but discovered that I neglected to grab my phone before going out the door. So I will just post this for now. Hope you like it.


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